the qatar museums authority (QMA) presents ‘murakami – ego’ the first exhibition of japanese contemporary artist takashi murakami, in the middle east.  its title draws on murakami’s desire to create a show that is ‘a dialogue with one’s own ego’, reflecting the artist’s struggle to create a private fictional universe in response to a growing information overload.  (2012)



Patrick Doughertys “branchwork” art

patrick dougherty's “branchwork” art , where he makes fantastic sculptures and huts (for lack of a better word) from saplings, branches, and twigs - but he has some new installations that deserve another look.

This one above is called the Na Hale ‘o waiai, Hawaiian for “Wild dwellings built from strawberry guava.”

 Patrick’s website:


"Non-sign" an installation piece by Lead Pencil Studio, located near the border between the U.S. and Canada. A-mazing!

(via Fubiz)


Installations by Esther Stocker

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