Don’t forget to water… 

Humus 2012 | by Guiseppe Licari as part of Secret Gardens - Tent Rotterdam.

Photo by Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans.

Visual artist Gaëlle Villedary’s installation in the French village of Jaujac is soft underfoot. Using 1377 ft. of lush green grass, Villedary created a pathway that connects the village to itself. Described as a “piece of nature designed to create a communion between nature and man through art,” the path runs up inclines, curves along and over stairs, along the tiny roadway, even under the bent, split roots of an old tree. Despite its name, Tapis Rouge (Red Carpet), the softness of the lawn is irresistible to those moving on foot and rather harkens the sentiments an organic Yellow Brick Road whose end is undefined, where the possibilities of adventure are limitless. Via Inthralld


CTA Rail Car Converted into Mobile Garden

I first covered the Mobile Garden project here on Colossal back in October of last year. UIC Art and Design graduate Joe Baldwin continues to pursue funding for his open-air public transit garden, but meanwhile was given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Art on Track festival last weekend by turning the interior of an el car into a fantastic sod-covered, ivy-laden garden. This car circled Chicago’s elevated downtown loop for five hours with several additional cars decorated with numerous other art installations.

Photos via noisvelvet

[Via thisiscolossal]