The Biospheres installation, by Tomas Saraceno, is inspired by careful scientific studies of the formation of clouds, soap bubbles and the geometric principles behind spider webs. Several of the spheres contain plant-based ecosystems, while the largest of them invites spectators to step inside.


Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has come up with a way to create a perfect white cloud in the middle of a room by meticulously regulating the air’s temperature, humidity, and light. When the conditions have been made just right, Smilde brings the cloud into existence using a fog machine. The cloud lasts only minutes, but the blending of art and nature is beautifully moving. Smilde’s indoor clouds were named one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2012“. (via x)

Just when you think you had the worst job in the world, multi-award-winning photographer Olivier Grunewald has proven that you, indeed, do not. Braving severe extremes in elevation, temperature, and exposure to toxic gases, Grunewald ventured into the sulfur mine located in the Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia. What he captured is unlike anything most of us have ever seen before.

Did you know that liquid sulfur, when it ignites, flows in a river of blue flame? It looks as though we’ve reached the mouth of the underworld, that at any second, Hades will come traipsing through the toxic cloud and make a grab for our souls. Miners at Kawah Ijen climb to the mountain’s summit at 8660 ft., and then mine sulfur along the shores of a 650-ft.-deep lake of sulfuric acid in the volcano’s crater.

Working at night in treacherous conditions, the workers—most of whom do not wear any sort of protective gear, including gas masks—harvest the sulfur from volcanic caves, carrying loads of 150 to 200 lb. in baskets balanced on their backs and shoulders. For $13 USD a day. Your job doesn’t suck quite as much, now, does it.


BREAD’s latest project, produced for Clerkenwell Design Week: the interdisciplinary design studio is pleased to present “Cilia,” a foray into additive layer manufactured ‘fur’ tiles: Started as a commissioned investigation into the possibilities of BREAD’s material research for application in interior surfaces, Cilia is a set of selectively laser sintered surface tiles made up of tens of thousands of fibres. Each tile is made from a single piece of Nylon, yet its surface is soft to the touch. (via And Now, Laser-Sintered, 3D-Printed ‘Fur’ Tiles - Core77)


Life-Like Sculptures Made Of Paper

Bert Simon’s uber-realistic sculptures are made of paper.

Simon, a Dutch artist, used sophisticated face-tracking technology to map his models. Data was then fed through special computer software to create printed pieces of paper that could be cut, folded and glued into three dimensional sculptures. 

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casted my skull guys :] half muscle half bone

-sculpture by elizabeth thompson