the qatar museums authority (QMA) presents ‘murakami – ego’ the first exhibition of japanese contemporary artist takashi murakami, in the middle east.  its title draws on murakami’s desire to create a show that is ‘a dialogue with one’s own ego’, reflecting the artist’s struggle to create a private fictional universe in response to a growing information overload.  (2012)



Kafedra “Design furniture”

  • Arseny Lubkov.Mobile workplace
  • Xenia Trofimov.Mobile Magnetic marker board with the possibility of transformation.
  • Tatyana Repin.Series of furniture for storage of household appliances.
  • Potap Frez.Modular shelving.


This is Rose Valland, one of the heroes of Nazi-Occupied France. An employee of the Louvre, she kept records of the art stolen by Nazi officers- what was taken, from where, and by who. She was instrumental in the postwar return of countless stolen pieces, and one of the most decorated women in French history.


Justyna Neryng (Poland/UK) - Childhood Lost

Justyna Neryng is a fine art photographer from Poland, living and working in Brighton, whose photography has flourished into a substantial body of portraiture. Four years ago Justyna begun to collaborate with her daughter Nell on an on-going autobiographical project Childhood Lost, exploring the nature of portraiture and memory: “I am producing a series of portraits that evoke, characters that populate this world we know as childhood. A court of character’s from myths and dreams. The images are aesthetically inspired by portraiture from the Golden Age of Dutch painting. By drawing on paintings as inspiration I am hoping to give a timeless feel to the final images. Key to the project is the painstaking styling and prop building, which I am using to evoke these different persona played out by my daughter.”

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Justyna Neryng | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]

Eerie Cherry Blossom Art


Okurie by Yosuke Tan

The concept behind this chilling creation by Yosuke Tan sees past students from Iwaki Sogo High School (Japan), using 27 litters of paint, leave their handprints on the windows and walls of the building to create a striking mural of cherry blossom trees.


Dollshe Saint belongs to dear FiroPro. Photo by Borgia. Faceup, eyes and photo editing by madam-b